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Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup

From the archives! As I am currently a little out-of-commission, I decided to revisit some meals that I have made in the recent past, but haven’t blogged about yet. This soup is one of them. A few months ago, I got some Irish bacon in… Read More

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All Thumbs

Ingredients: 1 accident-prone girl 1  souvenir folding knife from Sardinia 1 stubborn recyclable cardboard box 1 very nice and very worried taxi driver 1 Friday night ER visit 1 attending physician 1 hand-trauma surgeon Gauze What happened? 1. Following a most excellent Jens Lekman show… Read More

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To Steve

Dear Steve, I never thought that I would feel so sad at the loss of someone whom I never met. However, I realized this morning that I had met you; I interact with you intimately every single day. I know you through your design, your… Read More

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