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French Breakfast Radishes Sautéed in Butter

The idea for this side dish came from Susan over at Susan eats London. It’s hardly a recipe, just French breakfast radishes split in half and sautéed in butter and olive oil. French breakfast radishes are elongated, rosy-colored radishes tipped with white at the root end.… Read More

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Welsh Rabbit with Radish Greens

You can admit it: the title of this blog post made you want to speak like Elmer Fudd. Because what’s better than a post about Welsh rabbit? A post about wascally Welsh wabbit with wadishes! Specifically, wadish gweens! You’re vewy, vewy welcome. I was buying even more radishes… Read More

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Kale Paneer

I can’t take credit for this recipe. That honor goes to the amazing Tahmina at Kolpona Cuisine whose recipe for Saag (Palak) Paneer gave me a delicious way to polish off the remainder of my giant pile of kale. The only changes that I made… Read More

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Kale Pesto with Whole Wheat Fusilli

What’s a girl to do when faced with too much kale and too little time? Make pesto! When it comes to something like pesto, it’s hard to say that anyone has proprietary claims to any one recipe. I did look at this recipe on Tastespotting and… Read More

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Asparagus with Fried Egg and Parmesan

It’s asparagus season! Which means it’s time for my favorite fast lunch: sweet local asparagus topped with a fried egg and sprinkled with Parmesan. To anyone who thinks that making yourself lunch takes too much time, I challenge them to find something quicker than this… Read More

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