About me


I am an eater and I am always hungry. Currently, I am in New York City where I finished my doctoral dissertation on food and contemporary French literature in September 2012. I’m not sure where my path will lead me now, but after spending so much time reading about fine wine and foie gras, it’s hard not to crave the good life. Sometimes I get called too picky, but I object: I am adventurous and will to try anything so long as it comes from the heart and is made with love and care.

I come from a family of eaters. My mother would drive three hours to Chicago to satisfy her big city cravings for dim sum and roast duck. While he was in school in New York, my father would double and triple up on meals in between rounds so as to not miss a thing. He still does this to this day when he comes to visit. I have inherited my parents’ patience, persistence, and perseverance. They serve me well in the hunt for the best and the tastiest, even when it drives my friends nuts.

A researcher by nature, I love to read and learn. I started French at 11. At 14, I went to France for the first time to study abroad in Brittany. That experience was a revelation. When I had the opportunity to live in France as an adult, it was a dream. I was lucky to land a cooking internship with a chef and former culinary school instructor during my time in Paris. That ended up being a good complement to the wine education I got giving tasting lessons at a New York wine store and bar.

I am also a former vegetarian. From the ages of 14 to 25, I led a plant, dairy, and cheese-fueled existence until Italy and its seductive air-dried ham put an end to that. I still credit those years of vegetarianism for making me fearless about eating all kinds of weird fruits and vegetables.

In all honesty, I love it all.

I have prepared all this food. I like recipes and will always give credit where credit’s due. The photographs are mine as well. This blog is meant to be a convivial place to share my culinary thoughts and travels with you.

To those who have humored me, accompanied me, eaten, drank, and have been hungover with me, this blog is dedicated to you.

(and a special thanks to Sharon for encouraging me to write more about myself)


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