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Ramp Pesto

Few seasonal foods make a locavore’s heart go pitter-patter as quickly as ramps. Ramps — the word is spoken in hushed, reverential tones — are a foraged food that hits the markets in early spring. Their appearance marks the definitive end of winter and the beginning of the… Read More

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Puréed Fava Bean and Pecorino Spread

I think that fava beans are one of those things that you need to prepare yourself in order to truly appreciate them. I’m sure that I came across them before I lived in France, perhaps randomly poking out of a spring ragoût or crushed and smeared… Read More

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French Breakfast Radishes Sautéed in Butter

The idea for this side dish came from Susan over at Susan eats London. It’s hardly a recipe, just French breakfast radishes split in half and sautéed in butter and olive oil. French breakfast radishes are elongated, rosy-colored radishes tipped with white at the root end.… Read More

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Welsh Rabbit with Radish Greens

You can admit it: the title of this blog post made you want to speak like Elmer Fudd. Because what’s better than a post about Welsh rabbit? A post about wascally Welsh wabbit with wadishes! Specifically, wadish gweens! You’re vewy, vewy welcome. I was buying even more radishes… Read More

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