Trending: Super Bowl Snack Stadiums

I did not make this Snack Stadium. I didn’t take the picture either, but gosh darn it, I sure do wish I had!

It doesn’t even need to be said, but the Super Bowl is tomorrow. Ever since the Giants beat the 49ers, I started to see two food items pop up with greater and greater frequency.

The first is obvious: wings.


Yes, entire miniature football stadiums made out of Super Bowl party food!

Did you know that Americans will eat one billion dollars’ worth of snack food tomorrow?

I wonder how much of that will go into making snack stadiums . . .

For more images of snack stadiums, click here.

And Serious Eats does a nice how-to slideshow here if you are ambitious enough to try to construct your own.

AND if you are feeling particularly evil (and kind of suicidal), Jimmy Kimmel has challenged fans to unplug the TV at a crucial moment during the game, film what happens, and upload it to Youtube with the title, “Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I unplugged the TV During the Game.”

I personally do not recommend that you do it.


7 thoughts on “Trending: Super Bowl Snack Stadiums

  1. rubyandwheaky


    Ummm….I experienced a few waves of emotions upon first seeing The Snack Stadium:

    1) Shock (at the sheer volume of processed meat and cheese product)
    2) Awe (at the amount of time it took someone to construct such a monument)
    3) Horror (at how sick that food would make me)

    That snack stadium reminds me of the Spam carving contests. Remember those?

    • baconbiscuit212

      I know! It is scary, gross, and amazing all at the same time. I think that the “football field” is actually made out of sea of guacamole — which kind of ups the gross factor, no?

      I remember those Spam carving contests! I think there used to me Velveeta ones too…

    • baconbiscuit212

      I was actually a little surprised the Giants won. I mean, what are the chances of beating the Pats in the Super Bowl again? But they totally did. Did you go to a party?

      I would be a little scared to tuck into a Super Bowl snack stadium too. What if I took a sandwich and the whole thing came crashing down into the field of guac? It’s like a more disgusting version of fancy gingerbread houses . . .

      However, I really, really, really want to make one next year though!

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