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Post-Sandy Update: I Live in Little North Korea but I’m Staying Where There Are No Mocha Sprinkles

Leave it to The Daily Show to perfectly illustrate Post-Sandy NYC. Click below!

Quick update: There are so many neighborhoods hit far worse than the East Village. Many residents of these communities have lost everything and are in desperate need of the help that emergency services can provide. You can help relief efforts by making a donation to the American Red Cross either through their website or by texting REDCROSS t 90999 to give $10 per text. For more organizations and more ways to help, click here.

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    • I agree! Lights are off on the wrong side! I am glad I made it out relatively early, but can’t wait to go home!

      It was definitely strange crossing over from darkened Manhattan to the Upper East. It’s like there was no hurricane at all up here. People are shopping, brunching. I bought éclairs! Feels wrong!

  1. Gotta love the Daily Show. It’s how I keep up with all my news at home while I’m abroad! Hope you’re alright out there in LNK!

    • Contemplated going home to Little North Korea today, but may wait till tomorrow. Conflicting reports coming in about when the power will be restored . . . I know it’s a little unreasonable, but I have this small fear of zombies . . . !

  2. No mocha sprinkles? What?! The situation must be desperate. I’ll have a Special Forces team get you out of there by this afternoon. Hang tight until help arrives. 😉

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