Cyber Monday: My Takedown Maple-Candied Bacon and Spiced Pecan Nougat Is Now For Sale!

Just in time for the holidays!

This addictive combination of maple sugar-candied bacon, Ancho chili and cayenne pepper-spiced pecans, and Bourbon nougat was created for the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown with the help of my downstairs neighbor, a professional candy maker.

I posted the labor-intensive recipe here, but who has the time to candy, sit, stir, and wrap for hours?

Let us do it for you! We’ll candy that bacon into submission and pack it up pretty so the only work you have to do is eat it 🙂

This season, give the gift that everyone loves. Give bacon!

Order from or Sweetniks on Etsy here and here.

(I would also recommend all the candies on the site. Everything Niki makes is beautiful and delicious!)

* Photo courtesy of


38 thoughts on “Cyber Monday: My Takedown Maple-Candied Bacon and Spiced Pecan Nougat Is Now For Sale!

  1. brie

    This candied bacon sounds incredible!!! My kids are always making fun of me for liking odd food combinations but I bet they would enjoy this candy!
    Brie (a/k/a alabasterwrists- although I think I’ll stick with “brie” since this is NOT a perfume blog:) !)

    • baconbiscuit212

      Thank you so much, Brie! Which is a wonderful name to use for a food blog 🙂

      I have been experimenting with different flavor combinations for the Cookie Takedown this weekend. Some are working, others not so much. However, I do enjoy playing around. Kind of like perfume: sometimes strange combinations work, but sometimes they don’t.

      But when they work, they can be amazing!

  2. brie

    You are seriously going to bankrupt me! I was perusing through some of the brands you recommended and the Stewart and Claire lip balms sound phenomenal…perfume for your lips….and I want them ALL 🙂 !!!!!

    • baconbiscuit212

      Thanks for the comment, Brie! Yes, those Stewart and Claire lip balms are amazing. I am particularly fond of the Local one made with Flying Pigs Farm leaf-lard. It is amazingly smooth and moisturizing, and the butternut squash oil they use to flavor it tastes so yummy. But all of them are wonderful 🙂

  3. brie

    Oh and I forgot to add…have you ever tried any of the products from Soap and Paper Factory?
    I like to support local artisanal companies (they located in upstate NY). Their all natural shea butter hand creams would be fantastic after a day of cooking and the scents are divine…Bois de Santal is my favorite. I put it on my hands at night after washing dinner dishes and I can still smell it in the morning! In Grand Central station there is a whole section of artisanal booths (which is where I found them while shopping in the city). I believe they many be there until Dec.24. If you can, do check it out! I also love their Owl solid perfume…

    • baconbiscuit212

      Wow! No, I haven’t heard of Soap and Paper Factory before but now I am going to seek them out! Thank you for the recommendation. They sound absolutely perfect for the winter when my hands get really chapped and dry. Thanks as well for the info about the the booths at Grand Central. I know that there are a bunch of holiday pop-ups over there and I am definitely going to go and check them out!

      • brie

        It is probably too late for this year but you should inquire for next year regarding selling your food products….all the booths had products from local/artisanal businesses just like yours! And do try all of the Soap and Paper products- I was rushing to catch a train but I wish I could have lingered as I would have tried many more scents and bought so much more! The solid perfume I bought has low sillage but fantastic longevity (just like the hand creams). I mention this b/c I know you love perfume as well!

        • baconbiscuit212

          Oh! I am responding to these out of order!

          Yes, we are planning on launching a booth this summer, either the New Amsterdam Market of the Hester Street Fair. Will definitely keep you in the loop. If you are around, you should drop by!

          Thanks for more info about the Soap and Paper products. Just looked at their site online. So much fun. Which solid did you get?

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