From Hanna at Inherit the Spoon: I wasn’t ever hungry as a child

A note from Daisy:

As many of you know, I am a big fan of Hannah’s blog, Inherit the Spoon.

When she recently published this post on poverty and food insecurity, I thought it was so poignant, personal, and well-done that I asked her if I could share it with you.

Thank you, Hannah for bringing my attention back to an issue that I have long been aware of, but haven’t devoted enough time and energy to.


10 thoughts on “From Hanna at Inherit the Spoon: I wasn’t ever hungry as a child

    • baconbiscuit212

      Really it’s thanks to Hannah! Her post really does put it in perspective, doesn’t it? I think about all these budget cuts that eat into school lunch programs and other assistance models. I just feel like the rhetoric has lost sight of what is important and the politics are misguided as a result.

  1. Hannah

    Daisy I’m honored you wanted to share this with your readers. Hopefully even more people will take action to make their voices heard on hunger. Thank you!

  2. Bunny Eats Design

    It is terrible that in our advanced world we can still have hunger when we have an abundance of food. I was not ever hungry as a child and it hurts and shames me to think of all the meals I turned my nose up at.

    I count my lucky starts that I face overeating more than hunger.

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