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Come cheer me on at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown on July 7th!

I scream, we all scream for ice cream!
Dear Friends,

It’s that time again where I make an absurd amount of something crazy for your tasting benefit! Come cheer me on at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown on Sunday, July 7th.

Tickets go quickly so I’m letting you all know now. Please bring your friends and vote for me!

Mama needs a new stand mixer πŸ™‚

Tickets available here.


  1. I wish I could be there with you! I’ll be cheering you on from the faraway Poland and I’ll be with you in my thoughts.

    • Thank you! I just want to go out and have a great time πŸ™‚

      And if I win a new set of Anolon pans along the way, I wouldn’t say no πŸ™‚

  2. The poster is gorgeous! Love it! I’ll be cheering you on so loudly from Maine that everyone in the northeastern United States will be able to hear me. You go girlfriend!

    • Thank you! Matt’s events posters are always the best, aren’t they?

      Will keep you updated! And might be bouncing some ideas off you as well. Btw. Have you seen the American Baking Competition on CBS? It’s awesome!

  3. Papa needs a new stand mixer too (well a stand mixer, period. I dont have an old one). Good luck as of course I wont be there!

    • They are big and expensive! I inherited my mom’s old one, but a girl can always use another πŸ™‚ Thanks for the good luck wishes!

  4. I so, so wish I could be there! And I’m dying to know what flavour of ice-cream you will make. I’ll cheer you on from afar, my dear. Go git them, partner!! πŸ˜‰

  5. Bacon ice cream maybe? My brother lives in Brooklyn – I’ll make him go and cheer for you! Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Whoo hoo! Thanks, Lorraine! I got some crazy flavors on the list of potential. Rosewater Mango Curry? But then I saw that American Baking competition where they did a curry cookie and it was gross . . .

  6. YAY Cant wait to compete with you! I am sans stand mixer, have never had one, so if you win I call dibs on your old one!! haha.

    • Whoo hoo! Can’t wait to compete against you too! Girlfriend, I love you so much that if I win that mixer, I will give you the new one!

      Looking forward to seeing you!

      • Last year the prizes were actually ice cream makers, which I found silly, as obviously everyone already has one, or at least access. Did you decide on your flavor yet? Cant wait to see you!

        • I just bought my ice cream maker today! Went to Bed Bath and Beyond because I suspect that I might burn the motor out on this thing.

          As for flavors, argh! Too many good ideas! I have it narrowed down to three. One has a potentially difficult to source ingredient, and another is just flat-out weird. Maybe too weird . . . Can ice cream be too weird? You?

          • Crazy! My freezer bowl died on mine I had to borrow a friends and now my freezer isnt working properly! I feel cursed already. I am making a honeysuckle tres leches, possibly with berries. I dont want to overcomplicate but i feel like its so damn milky it needs a hit of something tart and acidic….thoughts? And no, I dont think ANYTHING can be too weird. haha. Only more interesting.

            • Oh no! I looked at those freezer bowls, but they were more expensive than the Cuisinart machine. So I got the machine. I am dropping all the meat in my freezer off at my neighbor’s to baby-meatsit!

              As for flavors, I’ve got it narrowed down to mango-coconut-jalapeΓ±o, burnt fig honey yogurt, and barbecue Fritos.

              As for the tres leches, any way you could work in yogurt? Or sour cream? Creme fraiche? Or would that be too rich? Otherwise, there is always citrus peel . . .

              • i mean the freezer bowl that goes in my Cuisinart machine….does that makes sense? And I would like to try all of your flavors please!!! The first one speaks to me most bc thats one of my favorite flavor combos ever in the world, but i am in love with Cool Haus’ fig honey mascarpone so now i want that too!

                I am allergic to citrus peel and therefore i force everyone else not to have it as well haha. I have a nice rhubarb jam i might swirl in. Gonna try it with a tester batch tomorrow!

                • Oh! Now I get it! I haven’t even opened the box of my new toy yet so I didn’t know . . .

                  Of course! I want to try yours too! Yes, the fig, honey, yogurt one is calling me the most. Figs aren’t really that available now, are they? Maybe fig purΓ©e… Will have to do a test batch for sure.

                  I did have this idea for chicken tarragon, based off of this Turkish chicken breast dessert, but that seemed to gross people out more than barbecue sauce Fritos ice cream.

                  Rhubarb is pretty tart. That might do the trick. Honeysuckle pairs well with stone fruit too. I’ll be making test batches tomorrow too. The box of this thing says that it makes ice cream in 20 minutes. Is it true?!

                    • Boring white! My mom told me that her TJ Maxx had hot pink and lime green Cuisinart ice cream makers on clearance for $33! Well, they definitely don’t have them here. I did have a nice 20% coupon though.

                      I’m excited too! Especially at the thought of ice cream ready in 20 minutes. After the HOURS it took to bake 200 cookies or make 200 bacon candies, this seems so much easier. Famous last words, right?

                    • Hahaha yeah! This one is time consuming bc you have to refreeze the bowl 24 hours between batches. I have the turquoise one haha

                    • YOU HAVE TO FREEZE THEM 24 HOURS!!!!! I AM SO SCREWED!!!!

                      Omg. I totally jinxed myself!!!!!!!

                      But I am EXTREMELY grateful you told me!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

                    • I have had luck with running 2 batches back to back in one bowl when it’s very cold but it’s hard this time of year and then of course you need so many batches…..I also learned the hard way that you can’t wash them in hot water. So the trick is, immediately after using it wash it out, get it dry and get it back in the freezer as fast as you can.

                    • Such good tips. Thank you!! I just ordered an extra bowl overnight delivery. Feel like such an idiot! I guess those were actually famous last words,

                    • Hahaha well my freezer is still on the fritz so I’ll cross my fingers for both of us!!! Did you want me to bring a cockonut sauce for you? They’re $10 a pop.

                    • Yes! Fingers crossed! Please do bring the Cockonut sauce! I’ll have $10 for you. Thank you so much! So excited!!!

                    • I’m super excited too! And was super stressed out because my fridge wouldn’t get cold enough to freeze the bowls! Yargh!

                      So no custard-based frozen goodies for me. How are you holding up? All done?

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