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Scotch Eggs

The first really, truly mind-blowing Scotch egg that I ever had was at The Breslin. The breading was shatteringly crisp, the sausage was moist and savory, and the yolk . . . oh the yolk! Just liquid enough, it oozed and spread over the plate… Read More

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Kimchi Fried Rice

“I never see you eat rice,” Laura said, “Ever.” “That’s not true! I eat risotto! and paella! and biryani . . .” But despite my protestations, it is true though: I am not a fan of plain, steamed white rice. I am so un-Asian. When… Read More

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Classic Southern Fried Chicken

This recipe is not for the faint-of-heart. Your mission, should you choose to undertake it, will require Crisco. Lots of it. More, probably, than you have ever felt comfortable using. Gobs. Of. Crisco. But the payoff is huge: the crispiest fried chicken you could possibly… Read More

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Mini All-Beef Corn Dogs

Ever since we got all-beef hot dogs in our CSA shares, I have been wanting to make corn dogs. Maybe it was all this talk in late August and the beginning of September of state fairs. As we all know, “state fair” is a euphemism… Read More

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The Elvis

When friends decided to recreate a State Fair Extravaganza in their Brooklyn backyard, we had to go. Duck ponds, ring tosses, freak shooting, and prize-winning festivities abounded. In the great tradition of all state fairs, there was also a cooking competition. Was I in it… Read More

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