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Porchetta-Style Bone-In Pork Shoulder

Gifted with a Boston butt (also known as a Boston Blade Roast, or a Bone-In Pork Shoulder) with an almost half-inch layer of fat, I just had to challenge myself to give porchetta a try at home. I’ve always been a little intimidated by porchetta. Traditionally, porchetta should be a… Read More

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Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, my parents could not be dissuaded from a 22-pound turkey. A 22-pound turkey! I don’t really know how to cook a bird that big. When I give it more thought, it’s kind of frightening to cook something that is almost a quarter of… Read More

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Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup

From the archives! As I am currently a little out-of-commission, I decided to revisit some meals that I have made in the recent past, but haven’t blogged about yet. This soup is one of them. A few months ago, I got some Irish bacon in… Read More

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