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Jonathan Benno’s Pasta e Fagioli

“Nigella does what?!” Steve from Gourmandistan shook his head incredulously and made a face. “She tells you to put all the fresh herbs in the foot of a nylon stocking and to leave the whole thing in simmering stock for an hour!” “Doesn’t it melt?!” “Yeah. You… Read More

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Smoky Chorizo and Chickpea Soup

Have you ever looked outside your window at the overcast sky and realized that the weather has officially turned chilly? That’s how I felt today when the cold morning light began filtering through my shades. I always think that this kind of weather inspires a taste for… Read More

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Mission Chinese Food New York

I have to admit to having something of a double standard when it comes to snapping pics of restaurant food and posting them on my blog. On vacation, I will happily — nay, gleefully — take pictures of food. I will obnoxiously angle for the… Read More

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Avgolemeno Soup with Mini-Meatballs

After a few weeks of holiday food, I feel ready for a detox. I want light food, but since the weather remains kind of chilly, I want that “something light” to still be warm and nourishing. This avgolemeno soup with mini-meatballs fits the bill perfectly. The broth is… Read More

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Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup

From the archives! As I am currently a little out-of-commission, I decided to revisit some meals that I have made in the recent past, but haven’t blogged about yet. This soup is one of them. A few months ago, I got some Irish bacon in… Read More

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