Finnish Ruis Bread with Sliced Cheddar and Cucumber

Last week’s trip the the New Amsterdam Market yielded all kinds of goodies. A smoked duck breast here, a bushel of Winesap apples there, and a couple rounds of Finnish Ruis bread from Nordic Breads rounded out our market basket.

Chewy and deliciously dense, these Finnish rye breads are perfect for all kinds of tasty toppers. Following the example of Nordic Breads’ bakers, we smeared lightly toasted halves of bread with good unsalted butter, topping this with thin slices of cloth-bound cheddar cheese and cucumber. Each round is reasonably thin, so it is a good idea to cut each round in halves or quarters before splitting them. In a pinch, I would imagine that a good, dark, heavy rye bread would do. Once assembled and finished with a little Maldon salt, these sandwiches make a very wonderful snack or light supper.


3 thoughts on “Finnish Ruis Bread with Sliced Cheddar and Cucumber

    • baconbiscuit212

      Isn’t it? I have to admit that I copied this idea from the Nordic Bread guys when they were down at the New Amsterdam Market. They were giving out samples of these little breads and I was craving them so much, I had to make them at home! Thanks for the comment and for dropping by!

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