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Brooklyn Mac and Cheeze Takedown (I’m in!)

Mac & Cheeze, pleeeeeze!

After taking a competitive cooking hiatus, I am gearing up for the Brooklyn Mac and Cheeze Takedown this coming Sunday, March 23rd, at the Bell House from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The event sold out in a ridiculously short amount of time (tickets were gone faster than I ever remember any Takedown selling out), which can only mean one thing: NYC is READY FOR CHEESY GOODNESS RIGHT NOW!

So before the weather turns definitively spring-like, this will be rich comfort food’s last stand before making way for tender lettuces and baby veg. For those of you who have tickets, I look forward to seeing you there! And for those of you who were not able to score them in time, I promise I will keep you all updated!

In the meanwhile, here is how you can help me out. I am still mulling over ideas for the Takedown and haven’t decided what to make yet! Any and all ideas are welcome!Ā 


  1. Suggestions from the non-cook:
    – Mac n’ cheese carbonara (this may be pedestrian but I’m sure you can make it extra special)
    – Mock shepherd’s pie – instead of mashed potatoes, use mac n’ cheese as the topping
    – Mac n’ cheese napoleon – layer anything you want in between (I’m hearing the call of crispy bacon layer on top)

    Good luck, dearest!

    • Those all sound amazing, dearest Hajusuuri! I am really liking the idea of the mock shepherd’s pie . . . but they are all good ones! Thank you for the good luck wishes as well! My kitchen is going to be trashed setting up all these samples!

      • I would offer to taste test but knowing you…you’ll be cooking during the wee hours and this puppy needs her beauty rest!

        • You know me so well! Yes, I have a friend who has offered to come and help me on Saturday. Hopefully, it will get me to start earlier — which is so hard with my schedule. In any case, let’s cross fingers for an earlier rather than a later night!

    • Love, love, love all those suggestions, Poodle! Especially the Buffalo chicken one. I would probably by the wings to save time and use blue cheese in the sauce. Terrific ideas!

    • OMG! I’ve never heard of the site before! It is brilliant, inspiring, awe-inspiring, and a wee bit scary!

      Looks like some artery-hardening fun to be had. Will peruse and report back! Thank you for letting me know!

    • Naturally šŸ™‚ Although, it’s a hard call. I think this is one of the events where a lot of the audience is vegetarian so it’s going to be tough in terms of judging . . . but I will keep everyone updated!

      • poodle

        Vegetarian? How about Mac and cheese primavera with lots of spring veggies?

          • Actually, I think you need to use tofu instead of cheese and vegi-bacon and you don’t tell anyone until AFTER it’s all over and you’ve won!

            • I don’t think I can! When I was a vegetarian, I would say that fake bacon tasted just like real bacon. It doesn’t at all! It just meant that it had been a really, really long time since I had eaten real bacon!

              But I never though tofu tasted like cheese šŸ™‚

  2. I can’t suggest anything original, the best mac nā€™ cheese I ate was a simple one: a simple mac nā€™ cheese with simple truffles.

    • You can’t beat that! A truffled mac and cheese sounds divine! I’m torn between doing a classic mac and cheese but just really well, and doing something crazy.

      Crazy might win out . . . šŸ™‚

  3. I think I just salivated all over the front of my shirt. I LOVE good mac and cheese. No doubt, there will be some interesting variations at the event! My recommendation, some kind of mac and cheese with Tabasco. Yumminess.

  4. I always love the Take Down posters! Please report back on how it all went!

    Even though I am not a fan of blue cheese, I can appreciate it in a dish. Gorgonzola and fig mac and cheese would have been expensive but decadent.

    • Aren’t they great? So creative!

      Will report very soon! The semester has been busy lately, but only four more weeks to go!

      And a Gorgonzola and fig mac and cheese sounds absolutely divine!

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