I’m in! Come see me compete in the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown on July 27th!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown 2014

This is a quick post to let you know that I’m competing again in the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown on July 27th at the Bell House from 2-4pm!

Last year I had so much nerve-wracking fun making my Backwoods Blueberry Buttermilk Sherbet that I have to make something else just as crazy this year. It’s hot, steamy, and sticky out there and when the weather is this gross, is there anything better than ice cream?

Especially ice cream made by me? 🙂

So please come out and let me feed you! As always, there are only a limited number of tickets available. Once they are gone, there are no more!

Tickets for the event are now available on the Bell House website at:


Looking forward to seeing you there!


16 thoughts on “I’m in! Come see me compete in the Brooklyn Ice Cream Takedown on July 27th!

      • Bunny Eats Design

        The Koala and I would eat all of NY.

        We’ve always figured that he would enjoy NY eating while I’ve always wanted to eat NOLA.

        We used to be huge fans of ANTM back in the day. As was Tofu. He is the master of the smize, though I’m not sure if he can smize with 1 eye now. I guess it’s a permanent wink.

        • baconbiscuit212

          You both would have so much fun in America! I know one day you will eat here and one day, I will eat tons of yummy seafood in Auckland!

          I totally think you can smize with one eye. Think how devastating Tofu would be: pirate patch on one, smizing with the other 😀 ! How is his recovery, btw? They don’t make glass bunny eyes, do they?

  1. poodle

    Don’t forget you need to freeze the bowl. Didn’t that happen to you last year? I sort of remember some freezer drama. Make sure your neighbors have freezer space for you to borrow too in case you need it.
    Do you have an idea of what flavor you will be making? I was in Wegmans the other day buying ice cream for the hubband (blueberry swirl) and noticed they now sell wine ice creams. The Chocolate Cabernet caught my eye. I didn’t but any yet though because I knew I didn’t have room in the freezer for two containers of ice cream. Maybe next time.

    • baconbiscuit212

      YES! You remembered! Last year I was so cavalier about freezing the ice cream maker bowls that once I realized how much time it took to freeze them rock solid, I was almost out of time. This year I will be better!

      I have a few ideas for flavors. Two in the running, both will be tart and fresh. Wine ice creams are yummy but the alcohol makes them hard to freeze. If you try the Chocolate Cabernet flavor, let me know what the texture and the consistency is!

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