Brisket King of NYC Cook-Off Tomorrow Night at Santos House

As a follow-up event to last fall’s Meat Week NYC, Jimmy Carbone of Jimmy’s No. 43 will be hosting NYC’s second annual Brisket Cook-Off tomorrow night at Santos Party House in Little Italy/Upper Chinatown.

Formerly named A Brisket A Brasket, this year’s event will feature over 10 chefs vying to be crowned the Brisket King of NYC.

High Point Farms (whose wonderful meat is all over this blog) will be paired up with Chef Jessica Wilson from Jimmy’s 43! I’ll be there taking pictures and cheering on High Point’s meat β€” which has been training super hard in a vat of marinade for the past few days.

So, ahem, be prepared to be there when the event gets renamed The Brisket QUEEN of NYC!

Tickets are still available for the event. For $55 you get to sample all the competitors’ briskets, in addition to UNLIMITED BOOZE in the form of Pickle Backs (shot of booze + shot of pickle juice) and Bull Shots (shot of booze + shot of BRISKET JUICE).

For tickets, click here.

See you all at Santos!

* Update: Unfortunately, we didn’t win. We ran out of brisket in about an hour! Ticket-holders who got there right at the start of the event came back for seconds and thirds. They gobbled everything up before everyone had the chance to vote, all 500 PORTIONS!

Which means we are AWESOME! Kudos to Chef Jessica for pairing brisket with a punchy roasted grape chimichurri. It was a great counterpoint to the rich, beer-brased beef, and brought freshness and a bright acidity to the palate!

For the a list of the winners, click here.


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